Orion Benchtop Laser Welder - LZR125

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An Orion laser micro welder from Sunstone lets you accomplish extraordinary welds in the most difficult of places. With a laser, if you can see where a weld needs to be, you can reach it. You will appreciate the ability to use the laser to smooth and polish a work area or fill porosity in half the time. With a laser, there’ s no electrode maintenance to interrupt your work, which saves time.

Large touchscreen interface

Slider bars for making quick adjustments

Joystick control inside the weld chamber

Built-in HD camera

HDMI output for displaying camera feed on a TV

Leica 10x Optics

3 year warranty

Argon hookups for shielding gas

Compressed air hookups with nozzle inside weld chamber for cooling off welded pieces

Water cooling system uses a resin sack instead of a water filter

Less maintenance as the resin sack can go years without needing to be replaced

Flashlamp is rated at +/- 5 million shots

Dual fans and radiators for better cooling

Heads Up Display

View power settings from inside the optics

Open-bottom weld chamber- the bottom of the chamber can be dropped out of position to accommodate large or heavy items

180 degree open weld chamber- you can feed pieces in one side and out the other