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DADO Laser Welder - 30 Watt

DADO Laser Welder - 30 Watt

The DADO laser welder is the result of 3 years of work, and decades of experience in the laser welding field.

The purpose of this hard work has been to offer the market what everyone has always wanted: « an affordable laser welder» .

Features :

0.2-1.5 mm adjustable spot size / 12 simple power settings / Small footprint (14x14in) / 10x microscope

Robust design-built to last as long as any laser in the market / 1-year warranty / Water-cooled

1-4 welds per second / Easy setup and training / Fantastic price !

Small Repairs -Great Value: The DADO allows you to perform welds right on the workpiece without any defects to it, therefore, retaining its overall value.

WELDING APP and MOBILE INTERFACE : Controlled by a Smartphone. The all-new and innovative DADO App gives you full control from the touch screen of your smartphone. : Download the app and begin welding !

VOCAL ASSISTANT : It gives the operator all the information they need.

OPTIC LASER STATUS INDICATOR : See the laser status of the DADO with the variable colour of its internal lights.

FULLY ACCESSORIZED : The DADO is supplied with all the necessary options for immediate use.

PLUG & WELD : Unbox, fill the water, plug in, then start welding. It is as easy as that !

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Laser source and wavelength ND

YAG 1064 NM

Impulse time 0.1 ÷ 6 ms

Spot diameter 0.2 ÷ 1.5 mm

External control App on mobile

Dimension 340X340X340 mm

Input power 230 V AC, 60 hz

Power system Single Phase


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DADO 2.0 Laser Welder - 30 Watt
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