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Dentalfarm Burnout Furnace CF-2 Medium

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Burn-out furnace with simplified electronics. Two distinct working cycles. The first program has been developed specifically for quick investments, featuring a fast rise in temperature, time control stabilization and warning at the end of the cycle (repeat function). The second program is most suitable for traditional investments and can offer up to three temperature thresholds with adjustable rising gradients and holding times which can be preset according to specific requirements.


Deferred starting up to 100 hours and software safety check for switch-off.

High accuracy in temperature reading and control during every working stage.

Smallest model of the range.

Maximum ease of use (2 programs).

Integrated heating chamber in aluminum with extremely efficient primary and secondary insulation and broad front flap door.

Heating chamber dimensions: 180x230x115h (capacity: 4 casting rings 9x or 8 casting rings 6x).

Power: 2.200W

Overall dimensions: mm 360x460x490H