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Elmasonic Med is the series of efficient ultrasonic cleaning devices associated with the reliable pre-cleaning of medical, dental and surgical instruments and implants. With an ultrasonic frequency of 37 kHz it is possible to remove even the stubbornest of contamination. Elmasonic Med cleaning devices have tank volumes from 3 to 90 litres (only Med 30 without drain). The application-specific cleaning chemistry developed by Elma together with practical accessories like baskets, tray holders, etc. ensure the best cleaning results.

Dimensions Width/Depth/Height (mm): 305/170/230


Product features and functions

- 37 kHz ultrasonic frequency (control range -2,5/+5,5 kHz)

- 5 ultrasonic modes for need-based sound field distribution in the ultrasonic bath

- eco-mode: Gentle cleaning with quieter operation by running the sweep-mode at a slightly lower intensity

- sweep-mode: Even cleaning through even sound field distribution in the ultrasonic bath

- pulse-mode: Removal of even stubborn contamination through pulsating sound field distribution

- dynamic-mode: Combination of the ultrasonic modes sweep and pulse in order to increase the cleaning performance

- degas-mode: Quick degassing of the cleaning liquid and for special applications in the laboratory

- 4 memory locations for cleaning programs, available via quick selection

- Autostart function for temperature-controlled start of cleaning

- Adjustable limit temperature from 40-60 °C (can be switched to °F)

- Digital control unit with wipeable membrane keyboard and easy-to-read display for displaying all operating states

- Optical and acoustic feedback, e.g. at the end of cleaning or when the limit temperature is reached

- Pre-selection of cleaning time: cleaning time adjustable between 1 minute and 6 hours

- Electronic temperature control adjustable in steps of 5 °C from 25-80 °C (can be switched to °F; temperature tolerance -5/+8 °C)

- Setup menu for individual adjustment of the device functions

- Dry run protection (except for Elmasonic Med 500 / 900)

- Automatic safety shutdown after 8 hours

- Splash-proof case and cleaning tank made of stainless steel

- Shut-off valve on the side for emptying the cleaning tank via the outlet on the rear of the device (only for Elmasonic Med 60 - 300)

- Shut-off valve and outlet on the side of the device for emptying the cleaning tank (only for Elmasonic Med 500 / 900)