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BevistoCryl 1Ltr - Ready Made

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Hard surface hospital grade disinfectant.

BevsitoCryl is a ready-made solution designed to foam. Foam prevents the user from inhaling hazardous chemicals, is very economical and outlasts conventional spray chemicals by 3 times.

BevistoCryl has been tested in Australia and Germany to be effective against COVID-19

pH Neutral - Alcohol Free

Designed to foam, very economical

No Phenols - No Aldehydes - No Gluderaldydes

Compatible with: Dental Chair Upholstery - Medical Devices

Biodegradable to OECD standards

Times of effect:

Vaccinia 60sec

Bactericidal (incl MRSA) 60 secs

Yeasticidal 60 sec

COVID-19 3min

Manufactured in Australia means longer shelf life, keeping jobs locally and stock always available.

BevistoCryl is endorsed and certified by:

Serge Ferrari; Premium upholstery manufacturer chiropractic tables. (France)

Robert Koch Institute (Germany)

Steinmann Mikrolab (GmbH) (Germany)

SDI Limited (Australia)

R.E.A.C.H (EU)

Victoria Sports Clinic (VIC)

TGA - ARTG (Australia)

Medsafe registrations New Zealand

CE 0481 (EU)

Biodegradable to OECD standards (EU)