Trinocular 100:100 Microscope Single Boom Stand

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Stereoscopic Zoom Microscopes are a key tool in many settings requiring close inspection of small subjects. Compared to compound microscopes, they offer a long working distance. With separate light paths for each eyepiece, the depth of the subject can be seen.

Prism Optical Stereo Microscopes offer outstanding optics with a sharp, high contrast image, at a very affordable price.

Its Trinocular head with a 100:0/0:100 beam splitter, and 10x widefield eyepieces as standard gives a total magnification range of 6.7x to 45x with a 100mm working distance. To increase the working distance, this package includes the optional 0.5x objective lens, and 144 LED ring light with switchable quadrants.

Magnification Specifications


Standard Lens

· Working Distance: 100mm,

· Min Zoom Level: 7x magnification, 28.6mm view field,

· Max Zoom Level: 4.5x magnification, 4.4mm view field

With 0.5x Aux. Lens

· Working Distance: 165mm,

· Min Zoom Level: 3.5x magnification, 57.1mm view field,

· Max Zoom Level: 22.5x magnification, 8.9mm view field